Quality Products

GreenSac has an extensive development program and are constantly testing and perfecting current and future products. We have the highest quality control standards in the industry. This means that you can count on getting the same great performance from our foliage products all the time.

Our specifications which are available under product detail measure up to the standard for the customer to obtain a real picture of what he is buying.

Timely Delivery

On-time delivery you expect

The GreenSac Extensive Horticulture, Floriculture and Agriculture service working around the clock, meet today’s dynamic market where ‘Time is Money’, GreenSac remains unmatched in delivery reliability by provide you with timely delivery service. Thus assuring only the freshest of greeneries will be available to you and when you require.

We never fail to meet our customers’ deadlines relying on dependable, timely shipments available to us. Our customer’s high appreciation of our outstanding integrity sets us apart from the competition.

Continuous Supply

Our confidence in, that we are in a position to cope with any requirement to supply, our products with zero time delay to the buyer requirement while maintaining the quality.

To ensure this we have at our disposal;

  • Our own garden centers
  • Active supply network
  • Active grower network
  • Trained work force
  • Agriculture Expertise

Customer Care

We help our customers negotiate their way through the foliage industry by providing the best information and service possible. We also expand our operations only at a rate which allows us to maintain our excellent level of customer service. Our contact details

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How to order from us?

You should be send requirements for purchase order to order@greensac.com. Freight method methods can be negotiated. the freight method will be Sea freight, Air freight

then we'll send pro-forma invoice accordingly your requirement. the pro-forma invoice indicate our bank account details. and confirmed with paying to pro-forma invoice.

After confirmed the order, we'll send confirmed flight or vessel details. Local authorization documentation obtained by us. alos consignee required certificate such as Phytosanitary cerficate, Country of orgine, GSP and ect.

As agreed, we will ship the order.

Then you can be clear the shipment when received the port using shipping documents. When clearing the shipment, any doubt in the packaging. you must obaion dramage report for the air line before clearance.

For regular orders, we can be negotiated.

Quality and Packaging

We have trained and skilled crew for that. they will do a-z quality inspection and packaging task.

We have fully completed processing center. storing, washing bases, drying, weighting, loading and unloading facilities and ect.

We are generally packing in standard corrugated box. packing can be negotiated with buyer request and / or product specification. such as wooden box. Labeling for proper identfation each box before despatch the shipment.