Our Story

Sathuta International (Pvt) Ltd. was founded in 2004 by Sunil Rathnayake, a Sri Lankan entrepreneur with roots in the beautiful rural village of Talakolawewa in the Kurunegala district. The company operates under the brand "GreenSac", which is named after "Greenery", representing Sunil's love for nature, followed by A and C for "Asitha" and "Chanitha", the names of his children. From the start, the company has always prioritised the quality of our products and the sustainability of our methods. Owing to that, we have been able to build a large base of customers worldwide, making us one of the leading exporters in the country.


"Our vision is to become the premier private enterprise that builds and maintains mutually beneficial, ethically correct, socially responsible, environmental friendly, economically healthy, financially sound and trustworthy long term business relationships with its diverse internal and external customers and thereby facilitate trade between the company and its global business community."


"Our mission is to study the global market and find opportunities to offer superior solutions to its problems through products and services from Sri Lanka. Our commitment is to deliver these solutions most effectively and efficiently and stay ahead of the competition by being truly marketing oriented. Our affairs will be conducted at the highest level of excellence, so as to create lasting relationships with our customers, provide growth and opportunity for employees and return superior value to our investors."

Our Strengths and Capacities

Export market entry as an export marketing company promoting quality agricultural and horticultural produce from Sri Lanka.

Building sustainable and mutually beneficial business relationships in order to introduce products and services of all other types to the overseas markets.

Develop joint venture and other investment opportunities.

Investing in foreign countries.

Establish a global trading portal through its network of partnerships.

We believe; that new business philosophy is based on creating and maintaining trustworthy business relationships.

We believe; that we have to create a learning organization to adapt and survive in the highly volatile global marketplace.

We believe; the value of integrating the modern technology in doing business.

We believe; that our outlook should be global.

We believe; that we must have a dedication to our customers.

We believe; that creativity and innovation are essential to our progress.

We believe; that it is the individuals who make our enterprise a success.

We believe; that integrity is the virtue that guides our business.

Corporate Information

legal name

Sathuta International (Pvt) Ltd

Year of Establishment


Board of Directors

  • R M Sunil Rathnayake (Chairman)
  • A M M K Rathnayaka (Directress)