About Us

Sathuta International (Pvt) Ltd. was founded in 2004 by Sunil Rathnayake, a Sri Lankan entrepreneur with roots in the beautiful rural village of Talakolawewa in the Kurunegala district. The company operates under the brand "GreenSac", which is named after "Greenery", representing Sunil's love for nature, followed by A and C for "Asitha" and "Chanitha", the names of his children. From the start, the company has always prioritized the quality of our products and the sustainability of our methods. Owing to that, we have been able to build a large base of customers worldwide, making us one of the leading exporters in the country.

Sri Lanka is blessed with the richest and most enticing assortment of tropical Foliage. GreenSac is your doorway to this world of greenery. We are one of the leading Premier Exporters of Tropical products from Sri Lanka. There are over 100 products in our catalog, and we source them sustainably from plantations managed by us.

GreenSac is also a prime location to buy live plants, potted plants, and grass carpets. We provide Trees and landscaping plants of different sizes. They include house plants that can be used to improve indoor comfort and bring the outside indoors. On the other hand, outhouse plants can be used to improve the quality of your gardens.

Sri Lanka also has a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, some of which are endemic to the country. Our tropical fruits are among the popular ingredients in making beverages. GreenSac has been regularly exporting these products to a large number of countries since 2004.

In addition to the products mentioned above, we also export various locally manufactured items from Sri Lanka such as spices, biscuits, tea, and herbal products.


"Our vision is to become the premier private enterprise that builds and maintains mutually beneficial, ethically correct, socially responsible, environmental friendly, economically healthy, financially sound and trustworthy long term business relationships with its diverse internal and external customers and thereby facilitate trade between the company and its global business community."


"Our mission is to study the global market and find opportunities to offer superior solutions to its problems through products and services from Sri Lanka. Our commitment is to deliver these solutions most effectively and efficiently and stay ahead of the competition by being truly marketing oriented. Our affairs will be conducted at the highest level of excellence, so as to create lasting relationships with our customers, provide growth and opportunity for employees and return superior value to our investors."