Dear Esteemed Customer;

Continuation of Business Relationships after the COVID-19 Pandemic

We hope you and your loved ones are safe during this critical time. Luckily, our country Sri Lanka was not severely affected from the pandemic due to the strict regulations imposed. However, as per the guidelines, we had to halt our exporting activities.

Having controlled the situation to a great extent, the government is lifting the restrictions on exportation. Hence, we at Sathuta International (Pvt) Ltd are resuming the exportation of greenery products such as Cut Foliage, Cut Flowers, Live Plants and Landscaping Trees while complying with the national and international guidelines.

As one of our prestigious clients, we would like to resume our business relationships with you. As always, we are fully committed to fulfill all your requirements without delay.

Also, we have set up an online facility for our customers to view the transaction details.

Thanking you.

Best regard

Nirodha Karunarathne

General Manager

+94 71 487 7768 (Mobile / Whatsapp);

Welcome to Sathuta International (Pvt) Ltd

Growers and Exporters of Tropical Foliage from Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is blessed with the richest and most enticing assortment of tropical Foliage. GreenSac is your doorway to this inviting tropical foliage world. Our samples of Sri Lankan paradise are alive with Cut Foliages, Cut Flowers, Live Plants (Landscaping plants, Potted plant, etc..). We are specialist foliage exporters taking pride in offering only the unsurpassed in Sri Lankan horticulture, floriculture and agriculture.

GreenSac is located in the historical city of Kurunegala, Sri Lanka. We are Growers and Exporters of Tropical Foliage from Sri Lanka. Exquisite tropical flowers and plants are carefully selected to ensure that only the highest quality product is delivered. Cut Foliages Cut Flowers Landscaping Plants Potted Plants and Rooted plants & Canes are an array of our products.

Dracaena fragrans 'Massangeana' Dracaena reflexa 'Song of Sri Lanka' Monstera deliciosa Cordyline fruticosa 'Red Edge' Dracaena sanderiana 'White' Heliconia rostrata Hedera helix Dracaena reflexa 'Song of India' Dracaena compacta purpurea